2018 Online Championship Update: Talking to Tom Northrop

Scout Fantasy Sports discusses Fantasy Football strategy and the Online Championship leaderboard with Tom Northrop, the leader of the contest after five weeks of the NFL season!

After five weeks of the Fantasy Football season, Tom Northrop, a seasoned NFL guru made his way to Vegas for the seventh annual Fantasy Football World Championships. He and his co-manager, Joe Ceraulo, traveled to the Palms Casino Resort for the experience of a lifetime. Not only did the duo draft LIVE against Dr. Roto in an Online Championship league, but Tom also put up $1,795 to get a crack at the Main Event! While he is in second place in his individual Main Event league of twelve, Tom’s in first place of the overall Online Championship after just about one third of the Fantasy season. After Thursday Night Football in Week 6, the squad “LIVIN THE DREAM” surpassed 1,000 Fantasy points and has it’s eye set on the $50K Grand Prize. We decided to speak to Tom about his experience with ScoutFantasySports, PlayFFWC and the team that is on it’s way to making a boatload of cash!

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Scout Fantasy Sports: When did you start playing Fantasy Football? Tell us what drew you to our contests. How many years have you been participating in the Online Championship?

Tom Northrop: I started playing Fantasy Football about 12 years ago in a home-league. It was about 6 years ago that I began searching for better competition and got my feet wet in some high-stakes tournaments. I stumbled across FFtoolbox [the site that eventually transformed into ScoutFantasySports] and was intrigued with the in-depth information and how the contests were set up. Knowing the best players in the world played at here helped me realize that this was the place for me to up my knowledge and skills against the best of the best.

Scout Fantasy Sports: When did you graduate to high-stakes leagues?

Tom Northrop: I started in a few $35 Starter leagues in my first season playing here before entering a few Rotobowls (now known as the Online Championship) in my second year on the site in 2014. 

Editor’s Note: Tom participated in four Online Championships in 2014 and although he only made the playoffs in one of those leagues, he did finish with the best record and most points in that league and was 3.62 points away from winning in the playoffs!

Scout Fantasy Sports: How do you prepare for your drafts every year?

Tom Northrop: I prepare for all my drafts listening, watching and reading everything from Dr. Roto, Adam Ronis, Scott Atkins, and Mark Deming! I’m a huge member of the #ScoutArmy and I love the content on the site. I used to catch Doc and Adam on SiriusXM Radio but now I listen to the daily show from 7-8 PM on the FNTSY Sports Radio Network. There is simply no site I’d rather be with than the ScoutFantasySports crew!

Scout Fantasy Sports: Can you tell us why you selected Melvin Gordon with the sixth pick of the draft? Gordon was more of a late-round first or early-second round pick in most other leagues.

Tom Northrop: After looking at lots of high-stakes draft results, I didn’t see many teams I liked who started RB, RB, WR, WR,WR. I knew I had to snag a running back and wide receiver within the first two rounds, especially after chatting with Dr. Roto for 5 minutes before the Beat Dr. Roto Online Championship league. I figured that I would be hard pressed to find stud RBs after Round 1 whereas I was pretty sure I could find stud WRs. After studying the elite running backs, there wasn’t anyone I felt comfortable with at running between the tackles AND catching passes other than Melvin Gordon. I was considering Alvin Kamara but he was sniped with Pick 5 and made my choice easy. 

Scout Fantasy Sports: What was your strategy going into the draft? Were there any sleepers you were targeting in 2018?

Tom Northrop: My strategy going in knowing my Fantasy Football idol Dr. Roto is always ready, locked and loaded, was to start with the safest RBs and WRs possible. I usually fade TEs but when Zach Ertz fell to the fifth round, I already had three receivers and didn’t see a RB I liked so I knew Ertz was the play. I let the draft board dictate from there on moving forward. The only player i knew i wanted in every draft was James White, who I would target no later than in the seventh round. I just felt he was the RB I wanted to own from the Patriots. My only sleeper was Nyheim Hines in Round 15 and my must-have was White for good or bad.

Scout Fantasy Sports: How was your experience at The Palms in Las Vegas for the seventh annual Fantasy Football World Championships?

Tom Northrop: Heading to Vegas for the FFWC was on top of my bucket list and I knew this was the year i wanted to be there and and meet all the guys who make the site the absolute best. I talked my FFWC co-manager Joe Ceraulo into this being the year we made Vegas happen. Doc, Ronis, Scott, Emil, and Ian were so down to earth and kind. They really made you feel like one of the guys in the #ScoutArmy.

Scout Fantasy Sports: You are in first place after five weeks. How confident are you about winning the $50K Grand Prize? 

Tom Northrop: Being in first place after Week 5 for the $50,000 is awesome, especially knowing all the world talent behind me. There’s a long way to go, more waiver wire moves and bye weeks for all owners to maneuver through, so there’s a lot of work to do to get to the finish line. Best of luck to all and a special thanks to the team at Scout Fantasy Sports. You have all taught me a lot over my years here and I cannot thank you all enough! 

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