BestBall World Championships Update: Laurence Curtis 4 Teams in Top 20

Laurence Curtis took advantage of our FREE BestBall World Championships and is having fun seeing 22 of his teams in the top 100 and 4 in the top 20!

Perfect for first-time users and seasoned pros! The 2018 Best Ball World Championship (BBWC) challenges users to craft the best roster possible in our custom draft simulator. Players submit FREE teams, then watch each one climb the standings all year long! The fight is for the Grand Prize: $2,500 or the Ultimate Fantasy Football experience! In lieu of taking the $2,500 Grand Prize, the winner can accept the following Ultimate Fantasy Football experience:
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Laurence Curtis took advantage of ScoutFantasySports’ FREE BestBall World Championships and is having fun seeing 22 teams in the top 100 and 4 in the top 20! We decided to ask him a few questions.

Scout Fantasy Sports: How did you hear about the contest? What do you like about the format? Why did you enter and how many teams did you enter?

Laurence Curtis: I didn’t know about the contest until I joined  I believe that I received an email from ScoutFantasySports talking about their website. I knew of Shawn Childs from Fantasy Baseball. I had read some of his write ups, which he offered for free and liked his style. It impressed me that he was willing to share his knowledge. Also, I watched a video with Dr. Roto…What he said made sense to me. I ended up joining the website. I liked that baseball is also covered for the entire season.

Once I joined the website I started looking around and found the free contest. It seemed like a good way to practice for some of my other paid drafts and you could enter more than one team. Drafting a team took less than 5 minutes and was easy. I liked drafting against the computer because it made me think. In addition, being retired, my wife doesn’t feel Fantasy sports is a necessity so “FREE” really appealed to me.  I think that I ended up with a little over 500 teams.  So far I like the results as I have 22 teams in the top 100, but injuries can change that real quick and there is a lot of time left.

Editor’s Note: The BestBall World Championships is a 17-week contest. Click HERE to read up on all the rules.

Scout Fantasy Sports: What was your general strategy as each draft unfolded? Discuss your roster construction (number of quarterbacks, kickers, defenses).

Laurence Curtis: Because you are drafting against the computer, not all of the players I wanted were available all the time, so I had to look for other players to construct a balanced team. The computer seemed to change picks from day-to-day, maybe because of changes in player’s Average Draft Position (ADP). That is my guess. Generally, I went with 2 QB, 2 TE, 1 kicker and 1 defense. The number of RB and WR varied based on the quality I assigned to them or sometimes to handcuff players.

Click here to view the standing through 4 weeks!

Scout Fantasy Sports: Which team are you most excited about and why?

Laurence Curtis: This is a hard question since I have several teams that I am excited about.  I will pick the team named Dog365. They are currently in 42nd place overall.

I drafted Cooper Kupp and Corey Davis on that team so I was glad they both had great games last week and hope it continues.  After a goose egg in Week 1, Calvin Ridley has kicked it up. Tarik Cohen had a good game last week and I think Chicago will continue to get him more involved as the season progresses.  The quarterbacks are Pat Mahomes and Matt Ryan. Each are having incredible seasons. I also drafted Julian Edelman, who has been out for the first four games, so I should have him the rest of the season (barring an injury). Other wide receivers I landed are Golden Tate and Adam Thielen. Melvin Gordon is my main RB. I have Joe Mixon, who is currently out but on the mend, however, I handcuffed him with Gio Bernard.  I went a little against the grain and picked up one TE, so I am crossing my fingers that Trey Burton stays healthy.

If you missed our FREE contest this year, simply join ScoutFantasySports and enter in 2019 for your shot at the Ultimate Fantasy Football experience! Become a member today and get access to cash-winning experts like Shawn Childs, Adam Ronis, and of course Dr. Roto!

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