The return of College DFS

A huge announcement was made today by DraftKings and it sent all of Twitter and me personally into a mad scramble of excitement.

Daily Fantasy Sports are BACK for College Football and will also be back for College Basketball later this season.

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DraftKings currently has a few contests open in their lobby for this weekends College Football games and will no doubt be rolling out some larger contests as the CFB season kicks off next week in full swing.   It has been years since CFB DFS was around and we are going to see a MASSIVE change in the landscape as there are much more advanced optimizers and also a greater level of access to data regarding player usage, injuries, projections, etc. and here as the ScoutFantasySports team we are already working hard to prepare for the upcoming season to provide you with the best DFS advice for the upcoming college sports seasons.

As a special celebration gift, we are giving all NFL subscribers access to the CFB season and have extended the NFL early-bird promo of $79 through the college kick off.  Act now to get in on the discount before the full season rates increase!


Steve Renner
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